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The Craftsman

L’Artigiano del Suono (The Sound Craftsman) was born from the need to create a reference point for the repair of italians tube amplifiers that, with the closure of the old laboratories, found themselves not knowing who to rely on for advice, intervention or modification .

Thanks to twenty years of experience in repairing televisions, video recorders, Hi-Fi of all kinds and collaborating with lots rehearsal rooms and private listening rooms, I am able to bring to light even the most desperate cases (eg amplifiers forgotten in damp cellars for 30 years). The great passion for thermionic valves began as a young man when, fed up with the usual commercial transistor devices, I decided to test the sonic characteristics of circuits based on this apparently outdated technology. I found, in a flea market, a part of an old radio containing a 6L6 of the FIVRE with which I built a small class A 6W amplifier coupled to one of the self-made speakers gave me a new listening pleasure combined with the thrilling thrill of having built a working object.

From that moment I realized that it was necessary to deepen my knowledge in the sector and transform thoughts into devices.

My Goal

Give everyone the right SOUND.




Call for urgent on-site repairs.
Phone : +393289642356 Santino
E-Mail :



I repair, optimize and, if necessary, change quickly in the order of 48 hours.
I offer kit assembly service. Ceriatone authorized assistance.
If it is necessary to retube I request the specifications in advance for a possible order and delivery of the new valves.

Custom Design

Custom Design

I design and build based on your specifications.


Celphone +39 328-9642356 Santino






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Opening Timetables:

Monday 09.00-12.30 – 14.00-18.30
Tuesday 09.00-12.30 – 14.00-18.30
Wednesday 09.00-12.30 – 14.00-18.30
Thursday 09.00-12.30 – 14.00-18.30
Friday 09.00-12.30 – 14.00-18.30
Saturday 09.00-12.30 – On Appointment