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AS-50 Mirko's

AS-50 Mirko’s

Output Power 50W/25W
2 Channel + Boost
Separate controls for each channel (Gain – Tones – Reverb – Volume)
Spring Reverb
Line Out / Headphones
Can uses 6L6-KT66-5881-EL34-6550-KT88-KT90
Independent BIAS for each power tube
Speaker 4-8-16 Ohm
Tubes ECC83 Pre+Phase Splitter, 2xEL34 PP
Aluminum chassis
Custom transformers GO (Grain Oriented)
Cover with Eco Lather Black and Red

3 Channel Tube Mic Pre

Front Side

Back Side

From left: Power on, Power in, Ch1 + Ch3 Phantom, Ch2 Phantom, Outputs, Inputs.


Variable gain by changing the valves from the series 12A*7

Balanced inputs and outputs

Dual Phantom Ch1+Ch3 e Ch2

AS18 Tube Power Amp

Power Amp 18W

AS18 Tube Power Amp

AS-18 Power Amp

Power output 18W/8W
Master Volume
Speaker 4-8-16 Ohm
ECH81 Pre+Phase Splitter, 2xEL84 PP
Aluminum chassis
Hand-made toroidal transformers
Black Ecoleather covering with White inserts
Weight 4,360 Kg

OTS-50 Orange Style

OTS-50 Orange Style

2 Channels
FET + Tube Inputs
EQs Rock/Jazz + Bright
Spring Reverb
Dummy Load internal
Line Output – Headphones
Direct input power amp
HT delayed
Half Power Switch
20W – Triode Mode PP
50W – Penthode PP
3x 12AX7 + 2x6L6GC

DR-504 100W

DR-504 100W

AS-DR504 100W

Based on Hiwatt 1970 scheme

Point2Point wiring

Custom Transformers and Choke by AdS

Aluminum Chassis

HT Capacitors Fischer & Tausche

Signal path Capacitors PPE Solen e Mallory

AS-20 5E3 Deluxe

AS-20 5E3 Deluxe Test Case

AS-20 5E3 Deluxe

Based on 5E3 schematic

Point2Point wiring

Custom Transformers by AdS

Aluminiun chassis

HT Capacitors Fischer & Tausche

Signal path Capacitors PPE Solen e Mallory

Tubes 2x ECC83, 2x 6V6, 6AX4

5E3 Deluxe Clone


Head-Cabinet of a replica of the Fender Deluxe 5E3

Electronics derived from kits with the addition of Send / Return

Birch plywood for the two houses and chocolate and ivory Ecoleather for the covering

AS-8½ Plexy

A small all-tube 8,5W head (no silicon!)

12AX7 SRPP, 12AX7 Driver, ECLL800 PhaseSplitter + Penthode PP, EZ80 Rectifier

Single channel with Gain, Bass, Mid, Treble, Master. From Clean (Gain till 10), Crunch (Gain from 10 to 2), Lead (Gain from 2 to 5).
Output speaker 4 Ohm – 8 Ohm


The interior consists of the power module and the PC derivative switching power supply


Head amp Stereo 2x 100W

Amplifier board with 2x TDA7294

Modded 400W PC power supply ( 24V-0-24V & 45V-0-45V )

Extremely rough aesthetics to surprise friends

Weight <1 Kg